Evaluation of Soil Quality in Parts of Israel and Nigeria

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T. J. K. Ideriah


The levels of physiochemical parameters and some heavy metals in top soil and sediment from parts of Israel and Nigeria were determined using standard methods and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer by GBC Avanta Version 2.02. The results showed ranges of mean levels of pH 5.78±0.4 – 8.08±0.001 in Israel and 5.3±0.1 – 6.70±0.2 in Nigeria; Organic matter 0.04±0.09% - 13.49±0.03% in Israel and 1.10±0.7% – 2.69±0.9% in Nigeria; Total Nitrogen 0.03±0.01% - 0.96±0.1% in Israel and 0.05±0.7% - 0.14±0.2% in Nigeria; Available Phosphorus 1.40±0.06 ppm – 70.18±0.06 ppm in Israel and 14±0.1 ppm – 64.6±0.2 ppm in Nigeria; Potassium 0.64±0.6 meq/100 g – 5.74±0.02 meq/100 g in Israel and 0.07±0.05 meq/100 g – 0.08±0.04 meq/100 g in Nigeria. The highest C/N ratios were 65.25 and 53.67 in Israel and 13.89 and 12.80 in Nigeria which implies high decomposition and mineralization in Nigeria. The levels of all the heavy metals were below their standard limits. The mean levels of physicochemical parameters of soils from Israel and Nigeria showed significant difference (p<0.05). The soil metal index of the heavy metals ranged from 0.013 – 0.070 in Israel and 0.004 – 0.058 in Nigeria. Cadmium was found to be the heavy metal with highest enrichment factor value of 87.871 in Israel and 5853.66 in Nigeria. The soils from Israel were found to be alkaline while those from Nigeria were acidic, nutrient deficient and need application of land amendment materials.

Soil quality, physicochemical, parameters, heavy metals, Israel, Nigeria.

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Ideriah, T. J. K. (2019). Evaluation of Soil Quality in Parts of Israel and Nigeria. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 25(5), 1-18. https://doi.org/10.9734/jsrr/2019/v25i530194
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