Study on Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron Level of Selected Elderly

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Varsha Zanvar
Madhuri Revanwar


For present study total 600 elderly were randomly selected from urban (200), rural (200), and tribal (200) areas from Nanded district of Maharashtra state of India. Information of socio economic status of elderly population was collected with the help of interview schedule and discussion. While biochemical estimations like serum calcium, phosphorus and haemoglobin content of blood was carried out for 10 percent rural (20) and urban (20) elderly with standard procedures. Result stated that, 75 percent elderly were belonging to age group of 60 to 70 years and 25 percent were above 70 years. Among selected elderly, 53.5 percent were female and 46.5 percent were male. Serum calcium of selected elderly subjects, ranged from 8.6±00 to 9.45±0.83. The range of serum phosphorus was 2.78±0.39 to 3.70±0.90. While haemoglobin content of blood of selected elderly ranged from 7.9±00 to 9.73±2.52.

Elderly, calcium, phosphorus, haemoglobin, biochemical estimations.

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Zanvar, V., & Revanwar, M. (2020). Study on Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron Level of Selected Elderly. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 25(6), 1-6.
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