PI Controller Based Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor, Utilizing MATLAB Simulink Environment

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Ankit Rawat
Mohd Bilal
Mohd Fazle Azeem


Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) is gaining more and more popularity as one of the best electrical drives nowadays due to advantages like high efficiency, low maintenance, good reliability & wide dynamic response. The traditional brushed motor speed regulation is essentially effective in low speed and unable to lower the commutation torque ripple in high speed range. Speed regulation of Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is done by utilizing PI controller. The PI controller output act as  the input to the variable voltage block. The mathematical modeling of BLDC motor is additionally shown here. The BLDC motor is supplied from the inverter while the rotor position and speed are the input here. The detailed mathematical model of the anticipated drive system is developed and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink environment.  Principle of operation of using component is examined and therefore the simulation results are reported here to verify the theoretical analysis.

Brushless dc motors (BLDC), Proportional Integral (PI), Permanent Magnet (PM).

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Rawat, A., Bilal, M., & Azeem, M. F. (2020). PI Controller Based Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor, Utilizing MATLAB Simulink Environment. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(2), 38-43. https://doi.org/10.9734/jsrr/2020/v26i230222
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